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Supercharge your club and event management.

Styckyd simplifies motorsport club and event management by handling many of the administrative tasks for you so you can spend less time on management and more on participating. Show up and drive.

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Increase pre-registrations to more than 90% and publish event results by email seconds after the last car crosses the line.

"Switching to Styckyd is one of the best decisions I've made as Director. My team loves the control that they have on the club management side, and participants are telling us that it's much easier to use than our last registration system. Everyone is really impressed." - Jeff Janzen, Autoslalom Director

"Styckyd let's me focus on engaging participants rather than meddling in competitor details during registration/check in. All the information is complied ahead of time for simple, smooth event management." - Chris Magne, Chief of Registration

"I just upload the file at the end of the day and the results are grouped, points are calculated, and final results are published instantly. Not only that, but the members each receive a customized email with their personal results, all within a couple minutes of the end of the event. So simple and fast, what’s not to love?" - Beau Maryniuk, Chief of Timing and Scoring

Motorsport registration UI

Simple registration.
Happy drivers.

Styckyd has the simplest interface for registering for events, your members won't have to fight with your registration system. You'll see increases in pre-registrations and online payments meaning less work for you on the day of the event.

Keep drivers engaged with integrated event results

We know how important event results are. Drivers remind us of it immediately after every event. Styckyd will read your AxWare results file and display the event results for everyone to see and email them as soon as they're available. It will also track rivalries and help drivers know if they're improving.

Event Results Email
Event Results Email Mobile

Pics or ban! Fully integrated event picture galleries.

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"Our pre-registrations jumped from 60% last year to well over 90% this year. I really can't count the number of things it has improved for us - everything from taking payments to displaying results is miles ahead of the competition."

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